Updating nas

Log in to you NAS, open the App Center, get in to the preference or settings-dialogue (don't know exactly how it's called because my GUI is running in German language ), an make a manual install of the before downloaded package. So, my question is this - once you have done this manual install, does this mean that you have to do manual updates forevermore?

That is, do I have to keep checking the plex web site for updates?

You can install from the App Center the multimedia player Plex.

As soon as I start Plex on the NAS, I get a notice that there's an update for the Plex software (that is not yet accessible from the App Center, AFAIK).

Be very sure that you know the device name to write to and that you do not typo the device name when using dd!

If you are uncomfortable using this command, write the .

updating nas-6updating nas-84updating nas-28

This section describes the following: Note if you will be burning the installation file to a USB stick, you will need two USB slots, each with an inserted USB device, where one USB stick contains the installer and the other USB stick is selected to install into.Before installing, it is important to remember that the Free NAS® operating system must be installed on a separate device from the drive(s) that will hold the storage data.In other words, if you only have one disk drive you will be able to use the Free NAS® graphical interface but won’t be able to store any data, which after all, is the whole point of a NAS system.Super Sync for many NAS systems is available to download from the Super web site.However, some NAS systems have their own update mechansim and are available through the web interface.

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