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When pointedly asked whether her debut song "Love Myself" is about masturbation, the 18-year-old told Vice's Noisey: "I think for me the song just has a really strong self-empowerment message, and whether you take that as something physical or not, it basically means the same thing ...

It's about being able to provide for yourself and knowing how much power there is in that." WATCH: Hailee Steinfeld Stalks a Schoolboy Crush in 'Barely Lethal' Deleted Scene While the song's (crazy catchy) chorus could apply to all sorts of self-empowerment -- "Gonna love myself, no I don't need anybody else," Steinfeld sings -- her verses leave little to the imagination.

I personally didn’t give it any credit and thought it was insane and pointless …until I tried it out for myself. More than modafinil or anything that money can buy. It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting up at 3AM alone with my computer or if I’ve had alcohol or whatever.

Months later I would feel guilty and try to quit again.

In retrospect, when I look at all my past failures, I realize that I had a lot of false assumptions about what it would actually feel like to quit for the long term.

If you’re new to No Fap, or you’ve never really gone for an extended period of time without it, there are a lot of beliefs or assumptions you have about it that are just flat out wrong.

Or maybe you’re seeing the Christian protester who has nothing better to do with their precious time on Earth than to yell about people “fanning the flame” or “ringing Satan’s doorbell” or… But have no fear; I’d like to think I’m a fairly reasonable and open minded gal, who hasn’t worn anything corduroy since the early nineties. If you’re masturbating to the point of overuse or needing medical assistance, you may very well be addicted. Are you masturbating to the detriment of your sex life? Such retreat can be rooted in shame, anxiety or the lost ability to interact non-sexually.

However, the reality is, masturbation can become a legitimate addiction, just like any behavior. Understandably, men and women use it to medicate bad moods. There are more positive ways to sooth moods, for example, listening to calming music or having a hot bath after a lousy day. Perhaps you would rather be at home masturbating than socializing.

Sometimes our sex drive is just being its thoughtful self and saying(Thanks Sex Drive: maybe take note of the relationship status next time) However, there is often an underlying motivation: to feel good. If you’re regularly masturbating in response to negative emotion, you may be addicted. Because it reveals you’re not processing your emotions and indicates you’re living in some level of distress, making it the perfect opportunity to get hooked. Perhaps one of the clearest signs of addiction is when you feel you can’t stop, even when you really want to. You may white-knuckle it for a few weeks, but it always come crashing back into your life. A sexual encounter (with someone else or on your own) instigates the release of a host of nice-feeling chemicals into your brain’s reward system.I like to build up to it so I will usually resist touching myself down there until I'm soaked.Then once I can't take it anymore, I'll start using a dildo or vibrator or my fingers (or a mix of the three).I’m not intending to make a moral statement or provide a biblical guideline but rather to help you decide if you are addicted so you can seek healing. The difference with using masturbation to alleviate negative emotions is that the powerful chemicals and hormones involved set you up for compulsion and emotional repression, not to mention they can be a detriment your future or current sex life. Having an orgasm is easier than building real relationships.Here are three practical ways to help you discern if you’re addicted to masturbation:1) Are you using masturbation to alter your mood? But only the latter will bear good fruit in the long run.

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