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What happens in the group chat, stays in the group chat. But he should have taken Max's advice to not meddle in what's not his business because he makes trouble...(Warning: Exceeding crudeness and excessive banter)After the BEGA-incident things have gone back to normal: The Bladebreakers now share a house and carry on with their everyday life. Tyson and Max first notice something is off when Kai wanders into the kitchen in the middle of the night and starts to take off his clothes… (Ty Ka)There is a magic spell that says if love is strong enough between two people, one can give the half of his heart to the other so to save both of their lives. /small Ty Ka/AU - Inspired by the Game Coming out on Top!John joined RTM hosts for a chat and called his rapping skills "Prime" and certainly not subprime.This wasn't even Integrity 1st' earliest excursion into film/music!Complete with sick beats, rap lyrics, and eye candy, this hilarious commercial takes everything you'd see in the hottest music videos and remixes it with the most unsexy topic ever—reverse mortgages!Featuring the one-and-only elderly gangsta poet John Dennehy, Sr., "Rainy Day Fund" is a memorable take on an exhausted topic that might just get us calling for home loans.

There's something about watching her expertly handle patient's dermatology needs that is oddly satisfying. View Now When you first heard the hit song "Gangnam Style" you were probably wondering what in fact PSY was saying.After years living with cerebral palsy, this inspiring kid's wise beyond her years...and Integrity 1st Mortgage has kissed boring commercial breaks goodbye.Many thought the chorus was "Open Condom Style" so we knew it was just a matter of time before we saw a parody of this caliber. View Now The spoofs and covers are coming out left and right after a hit song from PSY went viral a couple weeks ago!Using only condoms as instruments, these guys take it to the extreme in hopes to promote safe sex. This time a comedian transforms himself into PSY and performs a hilarious parody of the hit song "Gangnam Style". A spoof on the hit song "Gangnam Style" by PSY will leave you tapping your toes.

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