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Christina Cha – This is Christina describing her job.

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Holder to smartphoneejere deres telefoner med appen sammen, lyder en alarm, hvis de er tæt beslægtede.

I Singapore er der i modsætning til Island nok indbyggere, til at få blandet generne godt og grundigt. Fødselsraten er faldet helt ned til 1.19 barn per singaporeanske kvinde i 2013. Siden 1984 har regeringen som modtræk arrangeret forelskelseskurser i skolen, statssponsorerede dating arrangementer så som madlavningskurser, sejlture, visning af romantiske film og tips til, hvordan man kan have sex på utraditionelle steder.

They intend a ‘hair cut’ reduction of the real economy and the living standard with the immediate result the death of millions of people, and they are now openly calling for the return of fascist regimes as in the 1930s.“We, therefore, commit to mobilize for a national campaign, demanding the U. Congress implement Glass-Steagall immediately, exactly as Franklin D.

Roosevelt did in 1933.“We also pledge to revive the principles of the American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, by initiating, today, a Second American Revolution and committing ourselves to turn America once again into a Beacon of Hope and Temple of Liberty, creating an alliance of perfectly sovereign nation states in the tradition of John Quincy Adams, and establishing the foundation of true peace through development.“The implementation of Glass-Steagall is the first and indispensable step! S., but for the whole world, so that that whole world can again become livable.”“We, gathered here near Frankfurt, Germany, representing countries from all continents, give our full support to the immediate voting up of a Glass-Steagall Act in the United States, both in the House of Representatives and the Senate, in line with the bill introduced by Rep. Walter Jones called the “Return to Prudent Banking Act” (HR 129).“We are all convinced that it is a matter of life or death, and that it is only a Glass-Steagall Act in the United States that can stop the genocidal policies of the worldwide monetarist system.

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