Dating the mi garand

Click for more info Beautiful example of a postwar Springfield Armory M1 Garand. Click for more info This Springfield M-1 Garand 30.06, Ser No. The receiver is marked 3-52 and has a muzzle reading of 1 and a throat erosion reading of 3 . Click for more info This Springfield M-1 "Garand" was Mfg about 5/42 w/a serial no. The gun metal is uniform in it's color of a Greenish - Olive a ... Great looking Springfield stock with DAS stamp and circle "P&qu ... Which resulted in an almost olive greenish tone to their receivers and some internal ... SN shows date of production to be February of 1945. knowing that, it shouldin't even be a contest,the k98 has a little more accuracy but the m1 must be far superior to a k98 because its semi automatic whats your thoughts? And also everybody knows that the best most accurate and reliable semi-automatic rifle is the M1 Garand. A good contest would be M1 Garand vs a Karabiener 43 (we already know the winner ) or a K98 vs a Enfield or Nagant or Springfield. It doesnt look like a Garand to me he told me it was a garand and i guess your right; it would be stupid to compare them but one thing. Why isn't the springfield 03' hailed as better than the k98; ok the k98 was easy to handle but the springfield had more punch... ie the Brits which where useing the semiautomatic Rifle "enfield" 3. both guns would be more then useless, modern combat distance is about 50 - 150m Meters/ 55 - 164 Yards and fast paced. I mean like a squad with all k98's and a sqaud with all m1's fighting to the death 1m1 rifle was very accurate but just not quite as accurate as a k98 becuase of it being semi automatic... The wood is a uniform stain reddish walnut throughout w/ minnimum wear and the correct flat lower ... Click for more info Collector's Choice - This Garand 689XXX was produced in June of 1942 w/all of the correct parts.. Click for more info H&R barrel is dated "7-55" and rifle has H&R breechbolt also.

BTW: The governement siad this, we all know there is no continuous ping, many times yuou don't hear it because of the others who fire.CMP reimburses the Army transportation costs of getting these rifles back as they have with every other shipment sent to us. The CMP’s mission to promote firearms safety and marksmanship training, with an emphasis on youth activities, is funded through the sale of firearms to qualified U. We do not know when these rifles will be shipped back, but they have been approved…” Johnson said in a post to that group. While there is no report on the condition of these specific rifles, the return of any M1 Garand to the U. I can tell you from personal experience the carbine is pretty wimpy when it comes to recoil. I was flipping through a weapons magazine yesterday and one page had an m1 garand and k98 cartriges side by side and the m1 round (30-06) was heavier,taller,wider and looked like it would pack a bigger punch.. but personally Id pick a semi auto over a little less accuracy. The enfield was not semi automatic and the germans never in the course of the war "owned" the british,they never blitzkrieged the united kingdom. I can see the k98 being useless in modern warfare but the army and the marines use the m1 garand in some cases still today heres a pic... It wasn't really due to the k98 that the germans "owned" (blitzkrieged) Europe in 42' it was more due to suprise,superior manpower,tanks,and fast paced It is incorrect to match the two rifles, because they two completly different type of weaponry. Everybody knows that the best, most accurate, and most reliable bolt-action rifle is the Mauser Karabiener '98, no doubt.

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