Dating someone with antisocial personality disorder

Now I have discovered that you were never acting like this on purpose, you were just being yourself.

Yes, you changed from when I first met you, but that was from being someone fake, to being your actual self.

But despite a self-loving exterior, this overconfidence can actually be hiding a fragile self -esteem and someone unable to take criticism.

People with NPD love the image of themselves they try to create.

Not the ones that bring me down, but the ones that bring HIM down.

The ones where I realise bad things about you and stop loving you as a boyfriend and just as a person.

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They may also lack empathy for your experiences and feel entitled to more than what you think is warranted.Up until 12 hours ago, I had never heard of Avoidant Personally Disorder, and did not know it was something which could have such a large impact on someone's life. I don't think I have ever found or felt a love so natural.I'm writing this as someone who does not suffer from APD, but dated and loved (still love) someone with it. I fell in love with the way you would just listen to me, the way you would ask me lots of questions and want to know me.For instance, Theodore Millon, an American psychologist who specialized in personality disorders, identified five different subtypes of antisocial disorder, including covetous, reputation-defending, risk-taking, nomadic, and malevolent manifestations.Covetous antisocial individuals feel that life has not given them their due.

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