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Therefore, your second date is not an appropriate time to forget your table manners, turn up looking a mess, or admit that you’ve forgotten what your date does for a living.

A second date is not a green light that you’re now in a committed relationship.

For starters, check out our list of common second date mistakes. Dates are all about first impressions; that’s why we often tend to dress a bit smarter than usual on a first date, and try hard to come across as intelligent and charming.

That’s ok; everyone does it, and there’s nothing wrong with trying to present the best of you on a first date.

The problem is that this is the entire premise of a first date: Two nervous strangers come together to try to impress each other with weird, forced versions of themselves. A more realistic depiction of me on a first date would be reciting a two-hour-long monologue about me, my friends and my family between bites of a meal that I carefully chose because I knew I could eat it without looking like an ogre.

In the movies, it's a different story: Two people go on some fantastic date (usually mini-golfing or something), and they immediately feel what they call a “spark.” And there's always that part halfway through the date where they look at each other, and you know they are both so down. My eyes are too busy trying to maintain that perfect balance between creepy staring and sexy eye contact (we all know how awkward this gets when you start thinking about it), so none of those “knowing looks” happen.

Life is not a movie, and the magical first date we often see in the movies more closely resembles the second date. So we find ourselves stressing over every little detail. Can I order a burger, or is he going to be repulsed by the sight of me shoving a quarter pounder in my face? Without the tension and the nervous, insecure energy, you're free to actually put your best self forward. On a first date, you're so focused on impressing the person across from you that you forget to actually pay attention.

It's awkward, it's weird, and the more you try to focus on being the coolest version of yourself, the further you veer from who you really are (aka the actual coolest version of yourself).The findings were published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and researchers said the reason many people don't ask a ton of questions is because they're worried about coming across as nosy or rude. The moral of the story is: don't be scared to ask your date about themselves, that is literally the point of a date... If you spend the whole time harping on about yourself, chances are your date will never want to see you again because you just don't seem that arsed. So show off your hotness in a cutout dress, micromini, or flirty shorts.2.Tell Him More About Yourself..Not Too Much Maybe you two really hit it off the first time you went out, and you feel like you can tell him anything. True, the whole point of a second date is to get to know each other better, yet spilling a ton of personal details won't create true compatibility and can even turn a guy off.

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