Dating father issues

My castle-in-the-sky construction of an unavailable man generally begins with a circumstantial meet (he was seated next to me in class or at the wedding of mutual friends, et cetera), not any actual planning.

From there, generally a single factor makes him unattainable: geography, lifestyle, or a significant other.

Notwithstanding, in my mind's eye, the unattainable man is always somehow "the One," and I hope he will begin to think of me the way I think of him — cycle and repeat.

Of course, the first unattainable man I ever hoped would notice me was my father.

For our third date, I moved to the other side of the country.

Based on my relationship history, or at least on my history of crushes on unattainable men, this fit the pattern.

There is a lot of debate on whether such daddy issues truly exist, and much debate on the Oedipal complex as a whole.

Ultimately, there are several behaviors you might encounter in a woman that you need to be aware of, and the best ways to handle them.

[Read: Women’s relationship issues that all men must know] What are the signs that a girl has daddy issues?

If you’re not quite sure if you’ve ever dealt with a woman with daddy issues, here are a few manifestations. Although women with daddy issues seem to be sexually aggressive, it’s not because they put very little value on sex.

For our first date, he came to my mother's wedding in Colorado.

On our second date we met in Las Vegas at Christmas (no, we did not get married).

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