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Yesterday, the model trekked from her current Williamsburg digs to LGBT advocacy group GLAAD’s Chelsea headquarters to speak, for the first time, about her transition. You can bet you’ll be seeing quite a bit of Andreja Pejic—she has a role in Sofia Coppola’s forthcoming rendition of and plans for fashion week are already in the works.

Donning a white crop top and embellished Ports 1961 skirt, Pejic, who was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina but was raised in Melbourne (hence her charming Aussie accent), looked as angelic as ever. Here, the six-foot-one stunner (who, it should be noted, has cheekbones that could cut glass) opens up to about her SRS, the challenges of being a transgender model, and why, at long last, she’s “ready to face the world.”How do you identify? How did you identify before the sex reassignment surgery?

After the refugee camp, the family settled in Vojska village near Svilajnac.cover that was essentially banned by Barnes & Noble for fear their customers would think he was a naked woman), and he even walked as the beautiful bride in Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring ’11 Couture show (). She always knew she was a woman, but her body, or at least parts of it, didn’t match up. Earlier this year, Andreja underwent sex reassignment surgery (SRS).After the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia, Pejić's mother felt unsafe and decided to initiate the immigration process for Australia.In 2000, the family moved to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia as political refugees when Andrej was eight years old.

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